About The Boron Consortium

The first REACH registrations [for those with tonnage bands >1,000 tonnes] had to be submitted by November 30th 2010.   The next deadline for those with tonnage in the band 100-1,000 tonnes is May 30th 2013.   REACH registration is the responsibility of each Legal Entity.

The REACH Boron Consortium - on behalf of the Lead Registrant - is preparing the Registration Dossier for boron, as well as the Chemical Safety Report, to which each registrant will refer when submitting its own dossier.

Membership of the REACH Boron Consortium offers many benefits, including:

  • shared technical knowledge and resources
  • a fully transparent planning, budgeting and implementation structure
  • cost sharing on a pro-rata basis
  • the economy of scale resulting from dealing with related substances together
  • a collaborative and coordinated approach to ECHA and other regulatory authorities
  • preparation of data that can be used for future global regulatory needs
  • technical and administrative support

 Download the Consortium Agreement here