Revisions to consortium agreement

January 11th 2013

Members of the REACH Boron Consortium have voted in favour of two modifications to their consortium agreement, effective January 1st 2013:

  • Any organisation wishing to join the consortium after 2012 will have to pay a late joining or "delay" premium of €15,000 in the case of Boron and €8,000 in the case of Phosphorus.
  • Any consortium member whose reference tonnage of Boron or Phosphorus is less than 5 tonnes will not be asked to make any further contributions beyond those paid up to December 31st 2012.

The REACH Boron Consortium is on track to complete the registrations of Boron and Phosphorus in due time for the 2013 registration deadline.   In the case of Phosphorus, the existing intermediate dossier prepared by the P4 (White/Yellow) Consortium will be upgraded to a full dossier to cover the use of phosphorus as a component of a special mixture (alloy).