Letters of Access for Boron and Phosphorus

A review of the REACH Boron Consortium Letters of Access for Boron and Phosphorus and associated fee structure was conducted in 2018 (see explanatory document linked below).  A further review is planned for Q1 2022 (delayed due to ongoing technical work).    Our Letters of Access are available for purchase by all interested parties by application to Boron Consortium Services Ltd.  There is a separate Letter of Access for Only Representatives.  Letters of Access are available on a per legal entity basis - they can if needed cover more than one substance.

Overview of Letter of Access fee structure review

To see the Letter of Access agreements, fee structure and tonnage guidance, click on the appropriate link below.   Deliverables are detailed in the Letter of Access agreements.

Letter of Access Agreement - standard

Letter of Access Agreement - Only Representative

Letter of Access - fee structure

Letter of Access - tonnage guidance

Old Letter of Access fee structure - 2013 - no longer applicable

Purchase of a Letter of Access from the REACH Boron Consortium will involve the following steps:

  • submission of a completed application form
  • submission of the completed and signed Letter of Access Agreement [templates can be downloaded via the links above]
  • payment of the invoice that will be emailed by Boron Consortium Services Ltd. [BCSL] in PDF format - our target is to send the invoice within seven working days of receipt of application forms
  • following receipt of payment in full [i.e. free of all bank charges], BCSL will sign and return the Letter of Access document by email, together with the token[s] for the Joint Submission[s] in the ECHA REACH-IT system.

Letter of Access application form - standard

Letter of Access application form - Only Representative

If you intend to apply for a Letter of Access to either the Boron or the Phosphorus dossiers, please do so in good time - note that the tokens to join the Joint Submissions will not be issued until payment has been received in full.   Our goal is to issue tokens within seven working days of receipt of payment.

The next steps:

  • join the Joint Submission via the ECHA REACH-IT system with the token provided.   Log into your REACH-IT account, enter the menu and locate the "Joint submission" section, then click on "Join Existing," enter the joint submission name and token and follow the steps.
  • co-registrants should then submit their own registration dossiers to ECHA by the relevant deadline - see Completion of sections 1 and 3 of co-registrant dossier on the Guidance page of our website.