Phosphorus SIEF

This is the Home Page of the SIEF for Phosphorus, Einecs number 231-768-7, CAS number 7723-14-0 [no description is given in the Einecs definition]. Phosphorus was registered only as an intermediate by the P4 (White/Yellow) REACH Consortium and this is not considered sufficient for the purposes of registration of phosphorus as a component of a special mixture [alloy].   Members of the REACH Boron Consortium are manufacturers and importers of ferro-phosphorus alloy, an important additive for the European steel industry, and phosphorus-containing master alloys.   A document with the sameness description of phosphorus-containing alloys can be found on the Phosphorus documents page.   

The REACH Boron Consortium, working together with the Lead Registrant for Phosphorus, PCC Rokita SA, has prepared a full REACH dossier for Phosphorus covering the use of Phosphorus as component of a special mixture.

Letters of Access to the Lead Registrant's dossier are available - details will be found on the Letters of Access page of this website.

Guidance documents to assist co-registrants with their own IUCLID dossiers can be found on the Guidance page of this website.