Structure of The Boron Consortium

  • The ASSEMBLY is the ultimate governing body of the consortium and comprises representatives of all Members. The Assembly will normally meet once per year and is responsible for high level decisions as defined in Article 6.1 of the consortium agreement.
  • The STEERING COMMITTEE will come into existence when consortium membership reaches 10 and will be responsible for the organisation and oversight of the management of the consortium. The composition, responsibilities and organisation of the Steering Committee are defined in Article 6.2 of the consortium agreement.   Until it is established, the responsibilities of the Steering Committee will be undertaken by the Assembly.
  • The TECHNICAL WORKING GROUP is, as its name implies, responsible for the technical aspects of the work of the consortium, including definition of the list of substances to be covered, evaluation of existing studies and data, preparation of the technical dossiers, preparation of chemical safety reports, etc. and comprises suitably qualified representatives of the membership and observers. The Technical Working Group can establish sub-committees, for example to deal with issues relating to specific substances. The role of the Technical Working Group is defined in Article 6.3 of the consortium agreement.
  • The SECRETARIAT is responsible the day-to-day management and external relations of the consortium, in accordance with Article 6.4 of the consortium agreement, reporting to the Steering Committee. The Secretariat is provided by Boron Consortium Services Ltd., a not for profit company established in England to conduct the business of the consortium .
  • The TRUSTEE is an independent third party appointed by the Steering Committee whose principal function is to handle of process confidential business information.