Welcome to The REACH Boron Consortium. If you have to register Boron under REACH, you have come to the right place.

The REACH Boron Consortium was established in late 2010 as an initiative of the European steel industry for which boron is an important alloying element.

The complexities and requirements of REACH are such that registration is a very expensive process and places heavy demands on all registrants, however large or small they may be.   Our mission is to provide a mechanism to enable manufacturers and importers of boron to comply with the REACH legislation in accordance with the statutory timetable on a timely basis in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

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Phosphorus dossier submission
20/05/2013: The REACH Boron Consortium is pleased to announce that PCC Rokita SA, the Lead Registrant for Phosphorus [Einecs number 231-768-7, CAS number 7723-14-0], today received confirmation that its REACH registration dossier had been successfully submitted.

Boron dossier submission
10/05/2013: The REACH Boron Consortium is pleased to announce that ArcelorMittal, the Lead Registrant for Boron, successfully submitted its REACH registration dossier today.