Boron SIEF

This is the Home Page of the SIEF for Boron, Einecs number 231-151-2, CAS number 7440-42-8 [no description is given in the Einecs definition]. The typical specification for Boron is given is given in the table below.


Chemical analysis Value
B >80%

 No impurities present which would give rise to classification and labelling  issues.

Where the substance is an alloy containing boron, it is the only that boron itself that is covered by this specification, not the other constituents of the alloy and the boron can thus be considered as conforming to this specification.

For substances other than alloys, each registrant is responsible in case of need for explaining the composition of its substance in its own registration dossier, notably the difference between the actual B content and 100% purity.   Those with substances with B content lower than 80% will not be able participate in the joint submission; however they may use the dossier or studies for read across purposes.   If in doubt, please contact Boron Consortium Services Ltd.

The REACH Boron Consortium is working together with the Lead Registrant for Boron, ArcelorMittal, to submit a full REACH dossier for Boron  in due time to enable co-registrants to submit their own REACH dossiers by the May 30th 2013 deadline for medium volume tonnages [greater than or equal to 100 tonnes per year and less than 1,000 tonnes per year].

Letters of Access to the Lead Registrant's dossier will soon be available - details will be found on the Letters of Access page of this website.

Guidance documents to assist co-registrants with their own IUCLID dossiers can be found on the Guidance page of this website.

Documents relevant to Boron SIEF will be posted from time to time on the Boron Documents and Surveys pages of this website, linked from this page.