Not in the right SIEF?

Addressing incorrect pre-registrations under the wrong [but related] EINECS number 

If after the sameness check or otherwise a company determines that the substance should have been pre-registered under a different EINECS number and that the company should be in a different SIEF, the company should contact the correct SIEF and proceed with data sharing andregistration for the correct substance. 

ECHA has unofficially confirmed that it will not correct the pre-registrations in REACH-IT. Instead, the following steps are recommended to the companies which have made slight mistakes during their pre-registration:

  • In your REACH IT pre-registration window enter a reference to the correct substance in the "similar substances" box;
  • Get in touch with the SIEF facilitator of the correct SIEF and explain that your company wants to proceed with the registration of that substance (i.e. explain that you have identified that the initial pre-registration was incorrect and that the new SIEF more accurately reflects your substance's identity);
  • Proceed with data sharing in the correct SIEF and join the registration efforts for the correct substance;
  • Keep documentation on the justification for why the company pre-registered under the original EINECS number and why the company now thinks it belongs to a different SIEF than the SIEF for the substance it pre-registered (such as communications with SIEF members on sameness, advice from consortia if any, etc.).

Please note, that the above steps are appropriate only for the correction of an inaccurate pre-registration involving a related substance to the substance originally pre-registered (i.e. pre-registration based on a legitimate mistake). If the company pre-registered for an unrelated substance to the one that it manufactures or imports, ECHA advises that the company should suspend any activities involving the substance and proceed with the registration as required by the REACH Regulation before resuming its activities.  

Information provided by McDermott Will & Emery
March 2009